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Empire State Building4.7

Jeff Wooden
34 minutes ago

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Empire State Building. We visited the 86th floor (didn't go to the highest floor) and we thought that was great. We bought tickets online for 10am and found the lines to be quite short. We breezed through all the displays and info that they have along the queue. We could choose to stop and read more or just keep walking to get to the elevators. The exhibits were really good. So, it was worth checking out along the way even though we could have kept walking. The elevator up had a really nice effect (no spoiler here) that we enjoyed. Once on the 80th floor, we took a few pictures and made our way to the second elevator to get to the 86th floor where you could go outside and had views all around the building. It was crowded, but we got more than enough time to see what we wanted. Once back on the 80th floor, we were given a choice to buy the photos they took of us upon arrival. The cheapest option was $25 for one printed photo, with an additional $5 for all the digital photos. Not bad for a souvenir. However, we misplaced our photo and digital code after leaving the building. We looked everywhere and could not find it. So, we went back and asked if they could help us recover the digital code at a minimum. We spoke with Rinata at the entrance on 34th Street. She was so helpful and worked some magic. She got us back up to the 80th floor to work with the photo people. They not only got us our code, but also reprinted the photo we lost. The people there were awesome!! We really appreciate what they did for us.

richard twist
an hour ago

Museum was very well presented. Easy tomourchase tickets. Awsome view

What an amazing building!

Jean-Marie Barsotti
2 hours ago

A voir absolument

Gary Emmert
4 hours ago

Highly recommend the tours. Beautiful views of every angle of NYC.

a month ago

Love it here. In a departure from an old movie, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's "Sleepless in Seattle" ended up together here. The top of the Empire State Building, it's just like in the movie, and I noticed the elevator doors, they're all the same. It's amazing. Love it here, it was a snowy night when we arrived, it was very cold, but it didn't matter. We also took a composite photo on it with the Empire State Building. It was fun. It's corny and funny, but happy. The staff is friendly and efficient.

Etel Martinez
3 weeks ago

Amazing experience! Kids friendly and great for making family memories. The staff is very kind. You can buy your tickets online or there. The view on every floor is incredible. I highly recommend the floor 102. Kids under 6 go free.

Aonika Russell
3 weeks ago

It's not the tallest building in New York, but it's one of the classiest buildings in New York, and also one of the most well-known buildings. We purchased our ticket to take us all the way to the top (Floor 102 I believe), and it was so worth it. Everyone seems to cheap out and go to just the 86th floor, but going all the way to the top was so nice. Less people go all the way, so it was a lot less crowded up there and the pictures were so much nicer because there wasn't anything (or any human) in the way. It was nice to enjoy the view of the city without all the additional people hanging around. Totally worth the extra cost.

Krishna Sudarshan
a month ago

The Empire State Building stands as an unwavering sentinel of New York City's skyline, a symbol of the city's indomitable spirit. Despite passing it countless times, its allure remains undiminished, a testament to its enduring charisma. Its Art Deco design, a marriage of grace and grandeur, evokes a sense of nostalgia, transporting us to a bygone era of architectural opulence. Amidst the ever-changing urban landscape, the Empire State Building stands as a timeless icon, contrasting the sleek minimalism of modern structures. Its presence serves as a reminder of the city's rich history and cultural tapestry. The building's observation deck offers a breathtaking panorama, reaffirming its status as a vital thread in the vibrant fabric of New York City, an everlasting monument to human ambition and creativity.

Nikki Steel
a month ago

Need to order tickets and you have no trouble. Was a great experience went up to 102 floor. Was misty but still enjoyed. They have a photos of the different stages of building, were excellent Visit was worth every dollar.

Suzie Berndt
4 weeks ago

My best friend and I did the sunrise experience - while we balked at the steep price tag, we quickly discovered it was well worth it. You really feel like VIP as you enter the world-famous Empire State Building at 5am. The staff are friendly, relaxed, and helpful. My coffee and croissant were just the right morning snack while we roamed the rooftop balcony, looking out at the waking city below for a solid 2 hours. I live in NYC, and I can’t wait to do this again.

Ravid Fathi
3 days ago

A lovely place with spectacular views, an amazing overall experience that included an impressive museum before going up to the tower, nice staff who were happy to help during the entire stay. There are queues but they are relatively fast and you don't wait long.

Mark Greig
a month ago

The building is not too far off 100 years old. Approx 8 years to go. It has recently been fully upgraded with significant improvements clearly evident to anyone who works in building services engineering. The building is in top class shape and it puts many much newer buildings to shame because it was designed to last. The views from the top can't really be captured in photos. They need to be seen with your own eyes to be fully appreciated.

Russell Jean-Baptiste
a month ago

Hands down; one of the best New York experiences you can have at any price. I’ve visited previously (20 yrs ago) and was reluctant to “do it again” I couldn’t have been more wrong. What they’ve done since then to enhance the customer experience is night and day. Absolutely fantastic experience, and easily the most innovative and interactive I’ve ever experienced in the city. Full five star awarded & a Major Major Go…

Colette Tan
a month ago

My favourite attraction in NYC. Soaking in the lights of NYC 86 floors above is a singular experience. Would recommend - going when NYC is safely past summer but not freezing. - choosing a less popular day (if they even exist). - catering at least an hour if you are alone, and 1.5hrs if you are with family. You'll need to queue to get in and take the lift up and down. - watching the sunset is great and gives you the best of both worlds. If you must choose, go at night instead of during the day.

Michael Benissan
a month ago

This is a truly magnificent edifice that was fascinating to see in person. The tour included a walk down memory lane showing highlights of the remarkable construction process. The panoramic views from the 86th floor were breathtaking, and visitors were courteous to make space for others to take photos that they’re bound to excitedly show to their friends and family.

3 months ago

An incredible art deco building. The observation deck is great. There are views from all of New York. The lines are long so it is best to buy tickets in advance. Sadly when we went, it was not so clear a day, so we had a limited view but it still was nice.

Eunice Kinley
2 months ago

Hands down a "must do" on your trip to NYC. There is so much more than just going into a tall building. You will learn about the history of the making of the building and be given a look at just how iconic it really is. The best part is the staff! They really enjoy their job and want you to have a great experience too! They are more than happy to get a selfie with you...just ask!! It is well worth your time and money on your trip.

A Team Originals
2 weeks ago

Better to purchase the tickets online ahead of time. If you visit NYC you cannot miss this. Real American iconic building and architecture is so beautiful and night view is really amazing. Totally mesmerizing.

Juliet Martin
3 months ago

Spectacular views from every angle. It is highly recommended to visit early in the morning because the crowds and wait times for the elevators are crazy. It is a bit scary but it is always good to step out of your comfort zone. Overall, well worth the admissions costs to experience this once in a lifetime thrill. Truly incredible panoramic views of all of NYC including the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

2 days ago

We had a great time at the iconic Empire State Building! We personally used the GoCity Explorer pass, but keep in mind that that (currently) only allows you to go to the main 86th floor observation deck (which personally I liked most) so you need to buy extra tickets if you want to go to the 102nd floor which, expectedly so, is a much smaller floor but it has panoramic closed windows which was pretty nice too (this was an extra $76.22 (taxes included) for 2 adults). We went on a Saturday at 13:30 PM and it wasn't too busy. They have a security check line (so make sure to double check your bags for any items that aren't allowed, like tripods, etc) and you need to have an online reservation made before going to your entry time slot (which is really easy to make on their website or through your city pass provider). I loved that you could use the binoculars (for free) spread throughout the 80th and 86th floor observation deck. What are you waiting for? If you're in NYC and in the area, go and enjoy the great city views and have fun!

Dirk Timmer
a month ago

What an impressive experience this was. I have chosen to go up until the top floor. The ticket was expensive to my opinion when I bought it, but looking back I would not have wanted to do the experience any other way. The experience starts out a museum on the building of the Empire State Building and on the appearance of the building in various movies. The advantage of the 86st floor is that you can go outside for your pictures and the views, but the 360 degrees view on the 101st floor really was the cherry on the cake for me. Will never forget this!

Jonathan Richards
2 months ago

The panoramic views of New York City from this renowned landmark were simply breathtaking. The Empire State Building observatory offers an unparalleled 360-degree view, allowing visitors to soak in the beauty and grandeur of New York City from a remarkable vantage point. The observatory is thoughtfully designed, featuring large glass windows that offer unobstructed views, making it an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts and those seeking to capture incredible memories. To enhance the experience, the observatory provides informative panels and interactive displays, offering fascinating historical facts and trivia about the Empire State Building and its significance in New York's skyline. It adds a layer of educational value, making the visit not only visually captivating but intellectually stimulating as well.

L James
3 months ago

There are 5 main observation decks we considered, to get great views of New York. In the end we went for the classic option with the Empire State Building and the newest most thrilling one with the Summit. My favourite observation tower out of these two was the ESB as it did not scare me. I felt safe on the observation deck and it was not too crowded. The views of NY were amazing and I loved watching the sunset over this incredible city. I had a laugh at King Kong as I remembered the film and enjoyed the interesting attractions on the way to the observation deck. It was an incredible experience and one not to miss whilst visiting New York.

Victor G.
a month ago

the views from the Empire State Building were like no other. Also being outdoors, you can feel the wind and get a measure of all these buildings endure year in and year out. Being in a central location also makes it one of the best observatories in NYC in my opinion.

Sumanth Reddy
2 months ago

One of the most iconic buildings in New York, even thought the new constructions offer better views of the city, none of them offer the history and legacy this building offers. The tour of the building includes few videos, pictures of the building itself and it’s time line. The 86th floor is for the public city 360 view, one of the best experiences to see entire city sky line and architecture from the top. The entry ticket is kind of costly to take it as a stand alone ticket, it’s better to take the city pass which offers best value.

Janelle Downes
a month ago

Great place to visit and cross off your list! The views are amazing. There’s a parking garage very close by if you drive in. And the views are spectacular. They offer an express pass which I would say is worth it.

Mick O'Seasnain
3 months ago

Incredible experience albeit pricey - going to the top will set you back about $90. A family of five is going to pay nearly $450. Go early to avoid the lines. Great museum on the lower floors, and this was by far the best way to take in the full scope of New York.

We visited in mid May and we got lucky with the weather and the clear skies that night. This is hands down one of the best observation decks in NYC due to the history of the building and the infamous King Kong antics in films and TV. There’s a stack of history made into modern interaction and story telling along the whole experience till you meet the made Kong himself and getting to jump on his hands. After making it to the top and seeing the beautiful skyline it was just views on views everywhere. We defo recommend because of the whole experience and history of the place and feeling the wind in my fading hairline.

Bogdan Marcelan
a month ago

It is an extremely tall iconic building. We moved from floor to floor in a column. It seemed to me that we would never get our turn. When you are in the elevator, it goes up really fast, so that the floors on the screen just fly. It is unique at the vantage point. View across Manhattan. Extraordinary.

Ting Chang
a month ago

We are amazed at how rich the experience is at this observation deck. The last time I visited was 20 years ago, and the experience this time is entirely different. The interior of the building has been renovated specifically for visitors, offering many interactive experiences. Both adults and children had a great time.

3 months ago

The views are just incredible here! My husband and I used our NY Sightseeing Pass and booked ahead of time, paying about $20 extra at booking to get a sunset time slot. It was absolutely worth it. Note that if you didn't book for a sunset time, they will not let you in during sunset - you have to pick that time slot during booking and pay the additional fee. I saw them turn people away because of that when we came in, even though the place looked almost empty. We came on a weeknight when school was still in session, and there was no wait; we went straight up, and didn't feel rushed or crowded at any point. You walk through a history of the building on your way up. I'd entirely forgotten that was part of the experience, but it was fun, even though I rushed through a little in my excitement to get to the top! Be warned that when you come down, you don't go back out that way to exit, so if you want photos with anything, you need to do it as you enter. Also, as a pro tip, you may want to bring a sweater! The wind is more intense up there and it gets pretty chilly really fast. We took the elevator up, and awaiting us at the top were breathtaking views of a dreamy city robed in buttery, rosy tones, thousands of feet below our chilly, breezy perch in the sky. It was almost magical. I took literally 100 photos, and every one is incredible. You really can't go wrong with this classic NY destination. It's truly beautiful and very classic, for good reason. Don't cheap out and miss sunset - I think you'd regret it. I certainly would have!

Christophe Travers
a month ago

Wonderful, the view is wonderful particularly the evening when colors are more soft.( very early in the morning should be also good but it is more difficult!). I recommend to have enough time for enjoying all the activities prepared on the way ( a photo with King Kong, ...) before reaching the 80th level (at least 30').

Thenushi Jayasinghe
2 months ago

Iconic building with such a rich history. We went in early on a Friday morning (9am) to avoid large crowds. This worked as the lines were not long going up to the 360 balcony view. Coming down it was much busier, so be ready for this. This was my second visit and the views are always incredible!

John Howard
3 months ago

Love this building. The history is incredible the exhibit waking you through all the history is great and informative. The views are some of my favorite in NYC and are even better when you go up into the tower observation at the top.

Sarav S
2 weeks ago

Well organized check-in and 86th floor View was stunning. Truly It is an iconic place. Everyone would enjoy the city view and breezy wind there.

Johannes Huber
2 months ago

Was actually overwhelmed by the experience, which exceeded expectations. Definitely recommend going there when it's already dark because the views are positively dazzling. Finding your way upstairs, there is also a really nice interactive tour of the building process and photos of all the celebs that have been here. The absolute highlight has to be the views tho.

El Sa
6 days ago

I absolutely love it!!! Is the best experience with friendly people working there we had so much fun and is Actually worth the visit! Compare to ther tall buildings I wish I knew that I oy have to visit this one and was enough! I recommend!

Allan Feitor
2 months ago

It was a fantastic experience on Empire State. The 360-degree view was breathtaking, especially during the sunset in September when it was pretty full. If you're also a photographer, you have to be quick to find a good spot during summer sunsets. I enjoyed the experience, and I hope you have many more memorable moments there!

Jennifer Cheng
a month ago

This is a must! Make sure you go on a clear night or day. But we chose night time. We went on the week day in mid August the crowds was not so bad. The view from every corner of the Empire State Building was spectacular

satyajit das
a week ago

The history - fascinating The views from the observatory decks - simply wow! The architecture - one of its kind Really enjoyed out there, specifically the night view.

Bridget Malkin
6 days ago

We did the whole experience, 102nd floor as well as sunset on 86th etc.....beautiful panoramic views of the city from every point. Polite staff helped us get the most from this visit. Thanks, it is an iconic and legendary building worldwide. We had a great time and met both local as well as other international visitors.

Camilo Mejia
a month ago

The observatory and whole experience was awesome. Great views of the city, and I enjoyed all the memorabilia and videos shown throughout the experience. The gift shop was cool and the staff was nice. Definitely recommend

Mark Plones
4 weeks ago

Although it was cloudy at the time we were at the top because of the rain that day, the fog made the view pretty special. I would have preferred a clear sky that evening but what can you do. I like that this building is a 100 years old and shows of its Art Deco style in the lobby.

Diane Bungert
5 days ago

Excellent Staff very friendly and secure. What a wonderful day here do all floors 80, 86, 102nd. Really worth it. Beautiful History

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