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David Dua
3 hours ago

Amazing 360 view of Manhattan. The way to the observatory goes through a museum which shows the history of the building. Super experience! A bit pricy, but I reckon it's worth the one time experience when you visit NYC.

4 hours ago

Nice place

Edgar Sierra
9 hours ago

Went there for the first time over 40 years ago. Great to be back at this memorable landmark.

Ruben Savinovich
10 hours ago

One of the best places in NY

John Lozano
4 months ago

Had a wonderful visit first thing in the morning so line queues where very short. There’s a lot to see prior to the observation deck so I’d recommend spending some time looking though the museum before going up because you won’t be able to to when coming back down. All the staff were really friendly and efficient at directing people where they needed to be. Save yourself some time, purchase and reserve your time slot on line and enter with mobile tickets.

Tiffany Woelfel
4 months ago

10000% worth the hype, and i would recommend to anyone visiting new york for the first time! It’s amazing how many landmarks you can identify from the top! Lady liberty, flatiron building, one world trade, the edge, times square, everything!!! When we got out of the elevator at the top, there was a musician playing guitar jazz, and the spacious foyer was a perfect solution to the cold and wind on the balcony. obviously this is the best place for a sunset view too, as we stayed for almost two hours! Another plus is that they let you bring food up with you too!

TD Boze
2 weeks ago

Whats to say? The architecture is amazingly beautiful. Being able to go outside on the observation deck is very cool. Much more exciting than viewing from behind glass. There's an awesome attack by King Kong photo prop and the history is laid out in detail in a very nice museum walk. Don't pass it up.

Daniel Duran
9 months ago

There’s no other building more iconic than the Empire State Building! I really enjoyed the tour as it was very informative and the staff were very helpful as well! The view from the top is amazing! You can’t go wrong to visit this great building when visiting New York City!

Manisit Das
a year ago

A popular tourist attraction in NYC, and it is an incredible experience to take a ride on the elevator and get a view of the Manhattan skyline nonetheless. The staff is entirely professional, and they make the visit relatively seamless. It gets pretty crowded so consider visiting it on weekdays and hours less busy. Also, consider the weather because if it is foggy/cloudy, the visibility decreases, and you may not see much from up there in the observation area.

jamie ford
3 months ago

This was our first attraction we went to see on our arrival to NYC and it was a great way to kick off the week. Fantastic building and great architecture to create such an impressive building. Staff were really nice and all the information on the history of the building was great and it still amazes me how even back then without the technology we have now, this building was erected in the time and way it was. Views were great and we were gifted with the weather

4 months ago

Wonderful experience, a must-see landmark in New York. It’s about the view, the history, the culture that this building represents. Several times in cinema history the building has been one of the main characters in movies, and the exposition inside reminds us of when it was being built or some of the most popular movies where the building was portrayed, as King Kong, sleepless in Seattle, Spider-Man, etc… The view is breathtaking. Highly recommended 🌆🏙🌃

This was one of our must see bucket list places in our trip to Manhattan. Got tickets with the city pass to save money. We loved the exhibits and museum experience from entrance to the observation deck. If you want an even more singular experience, but deck 102 access ahead of time to be sure to have entrance to the highest deck empire state building can offer. Amazing views and experience.

Pavel Medvedev
4 months ago

Hello everyone ✋✋✋I really enjoyed visiting this magnificent historic building. It was well refreshed inside. Very light and informative. The staff is friendly, responsive. But at the very height it is something beyond words. I advise anyone who is here in New York for a day or two. It's an experience for a lifetime

Beth K
a year ago

Pricey, but worth the visit. We used City Pass tickets for entry, but would recommend regardless. Factor time into your visit for waiting in line and going through airport-style security. The vast majority of staff were incredibly helpful and made the visit run smoothly and efficiently. The view is beyond gorgeous.

Mina Donahue
a year ago

Such an amazing experience. An absolute must if visiting New York. Whether you've been before (like my boyfriend years ago) or visiting for the first time (like myself!) it is a brand new experience that you'll want to designate a good 2 hours to, at least! Take a great camera and splurge to visit the very top floor for some stellar shots.

Fadil Tareef (Dr.)
a month ago

Very impressive place. We were here before more than 30 years. The way to the elevators demonstrates the process of building. We enjoyed the breathtaking views from 80, 86, and 102 floors. From the top, you can see the iconic landmarks such as Central Park, the Hudson and East Rivers, the Brooklyn Bridge, the one trade center, and the Statue of Liberty. The views from the Empire State Building are truly breathtaking and offer a unique perspective of New York City. For 40$ we get by mail a set of impressive photos they took for us.

Greg Clemons
10 months ago

What a tour! Definitely get your Tix online if you can. We missed the sunset time and the lighting but went up later and it was just as breathtaking! The views are amazing on both the floors. The history and entertainment on the way up was fantastic! Got a snow globe 8m the gift shop, just make sure you ask them to open the box! Mine was cracked and needed a good one!

Susie Lee
4 months ago

This was one of my favorite places to visit in NYC. The whole exhibit is fun and interactive. Great for all ages and wheelchair friendly. The views are really nice. The building is beautiful. Grab lunch in Koreatown or Little Italy while in the area. Definitely try to make reservations because it's busy. Get a Go City Pass to see all the top spots around the city for 1 flat price.

Katie McCoy
3 months ago

If you're buying your tickets in advance of a weather report, buy them through the official website. We had morning tickets and with the clouds and rain we were told "there isn't any view right now". Since we had purchased our tickets through them, we were able to adjust our tickets to a later time/date. Every staff member was friendly and helpful. The view was magnificent. And with your ticket comes a great museum section/gallery along with the elevator ride to the top.

Ethan Unverferth
9 months ago

My favorite part about NYC! The history and architecture is unparalleled. The view, the view is the best in town. They have an awesome outdoor viewing area that really makes it feel like you’re IN the city. I’ve been twice, once on a sunny day and once on a rainy day, and let me tell you, there is no bad time to visit this place. The rain was actually my favorite time to visit. I love this building so so much!

Nikhil Chauhan
a year ago

It was very Good to visit but expensive (56$). 🙌🏻 I recommend to come arround 4:30pm, then you'll enjoy day time, sunset, and night time. ✊🏻 Here You can stay as much as you want in the viewpoint. 🌸 I think 1 hour / 1 hour thirty minutes is good enough. You can visit 2 View Point, ☝🏻one is inside the room (indoor) and the other one is outside. 🌸 Can be cold in winter but there is warmer outside. Enjoy! ❤❤❤

Melissa McKenna
2 months ago

Absolutely stunning views from the 86th floor. Some great advice we were given is that if you can see the top of the building from the ground, then there is no point in going up as you won't see anything. Fortunately, we visited on a clear day and seen the whole of NYC. I'd recommend booking in advance although if it is a quiet day you can purchase tickets on the day.

4 months ago

The history, the beauty, the views and the educational side make this a must see. Small queue to get in but went quite quick; the views from the top were simply stunning (we went in the evening and would recommend it). Love that it’s open air as you really feel the wind / fresh air up there. Reading all about the construction as well is fascinating - understandably it’s one of the most famous buildings in the world and well worth doing!

Brendan Conway
11 months ago

Come to this place everytime I come to New York and first time for the kids. The views are spectacular and it is such an iconic place you can feel the history as you enter the front door. Strange looking out at the other taller building's around it but for me it's still the best place especially the outdoor views that One World does not have

I loved the experience of visiting such an historical building, how they told the story at the tour and all the items and details you find during the stay. I recommend to buy a City Pass so you’ll save a some dollars in the main spots of the city. The view at the sunset and night is amazing.

Dinesh Balaji
9 months ago

The experience is one notch below the edge, however the history and heritage of the building demands a 5 star. The irony is that, in your skyline pics of NYC you would want the Empire state building, but you obviously cannot! Other than that, the history of the building is well portrayed through a series of videos as you make your way to the top. The staff were wonderful in guiding us. The binoculars at the top were free.

Paul Williams
4 months ago

Absolutely stunning. A must do visit when in the area, lots of interactive activities on the way through to the lifts. You see all the areas seen in your favourite movies. We visited at night and the view from the top was breathtaking!All the staff were friendly and helpful.

Rob McConnell
3 months ago

Great views at night. We went up just after sunset and stayed over an hour to get the best city lights views. Totally recommend getting the express pass as it saves queues both going up and coming down!

James Harris
9 months ago

Awesome experience for us. Was able to get group tickets set up via the phone since I could get it to work online. Then they were kind enough to let us reschedule our group tickets a couple times to help offset the challenges of p ur bus breaking down. Process to get in was smooth and quick and the nighttime views were amazing.

Sakib Niaz
11 months ago

The experience of a lifetime!! Highly recommend during evening and stay past sunset. I tried all the floors and it was worth every penny. Took like over 50 pictures and the experience has been amazing!

Christy Jolene
10 months ago

Very clean! Felt very safe in a large crowd environment. Come ready to take plenty of pictures. Museum very well laid out. Lots to see and interact with, enjoyed every moment of the breathtaking views and the trip down memory lane.

a month ago

Beautiful landscape! However, it is cold upstairs. You can’t walk outside for more than 30 seconds. There are some annoying fences that will block your view but you can still take some great photos! And most importantly, you can’t see the Empire State Building, so I’ll recommend you to visit Top of the Rock or Edge! 😆 Have fun!!

Lynn ousley
9 months ago

If u make it out to New York I would add this to your list to visit. The main difference I noted between top of the rock and empire: top of the rock u can see Central Park and all the icon buildings. They sell the map of all the buildings you can see from top of the rock. For $2. It helps to know what your looking at. And the top is enclosed by glass while empire has fencing . Seemed to feel more crowded at empire. An iconic building for all to see for sure. That ride up in the elevator was pretty entertaining. Felt like you were watching the building be built. Daughter liked acting like she was taken by King Kong!

Sean & Kendra James
8 months ago

If you haven’t been here in 20 years, it’s time for a visit. They’ve done a lot of updates and added cool features inside. We loved visiting at night and seeing the city sparkling down below. We visited on a holiday weekend and there was no wait to get in around 10pm.

ENRIQUE Cardenal
8 months ago

A must have visit when you’re in NYC guys!!! This legendary building has an amazing view deck on the top and great facilities to get up. No full tripods allowed thought but plenty of leverage to position your camera for the night captures. Enjoy the ride!!

John Mullis
11 months ago

What an amazing building it’s so beautiful outside and inside as well. The elevators to the top are a great experience as well! Once you get to 102 floor and the doors open all you see is the beautiful views of the city all around!

Orn Ornsorn
11 months ago

Sunrise on 86th floor is the nice way to start the day with.Enjoyed the time spending there, on Saturday early morning, with splendid view of NYC before & after sunrise.Recommended!

Brooke Bryan
11 months ago

Of course, an unbelievable experience with view, stature, etc. Double WOW! Staff were very friendly, nice, and helpful the entire time; whether security officers or other patron workers. I observed them taking pictures for people and patiently helping foreigners as well. We went back for a second visit during the same vacation. 💓 🌇

Thresa Kussman
2 months ago

This is a gorgeous Art Deco building in Manhattan. That is truly a must see for its 360° view from the 86th floor…it’s a bit windy on the top, obviously! So I recommend if you have a very short hair, like I do, wear a hat! Otherwise, you might not get good photos of yourself, but when you look back, you’ll have a great laugh at your attempt. We went on a Monday when it was not busy at all. It is obvious that the people who work here are knowledgeable, as they know how to route people efficiently through this site.

Andrew Christopher
a month ago

Absolutely stunning views and worth the trip! We got the package that allowed us to go to Floor 102 and it was so worth it, especially with the cold and the wind! Not a huge crowd during the winter, which is better if you don’t want to deal with lines and the hassle. They do have “expedited” entry tickets if it’s packed! Loved the history, displays, and view - 10/10 would recommend.

Very cool experience! Staff was helpful, and this is definitely a must see in New York City. This was our first time here, and we really enjoyed it. They even had heat lamps outside when the weather was really cold. The elevators were really neat, and seeing the view of the entire city in and outside was a nice amenity.

Maxwell Anoia (Max)
3 months ago

This experience was AMAZING, each and everyone of the workers were amazing and all had a smile on their face the whole time. The pricing for the tickets were expensive but I was ok once we got to the top and saw the whole city from the observation deck. Let me say this is a must when visiting NYC, and is truly amazing and wonderful.

NDT Junior
2 weeks ago

We went up after visiting the other skyscrapers in the city. Because of his height, he was no longer surprising for being shorter, but he has a different, more classic style. I went with a relative who had already been And he told me that the access to the building has changed. Before they passed you more through the main area enjoying the classic decoration of the time. Likewise, it is a monument that cannot be missing on your visit. The Empire State is a building with a lot of history and very beautiful from the outside to the interior decoration. Without a doubt, the best thing to visit in New York, the big apple.

Patricia Islas
4 months ago

It's a beautiful building that is worth the visit not only for the top view but the architecture and interactivity as you go by to get to the elevator. Once inside, don't forget to look at the video in the ceiling as you go to the top. From The Rock, The Edge and The Empire State, the latter is my favorite.

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