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Empire State Building4.7

Laure J
32 minutes ago

Amazing experience and brilliant view!

Explored one of the most famous building in the heart of NYC!This iconic beauty situated in Midtown Manhattan derived its name from “Empire State “ ,the nickname of state of NY.Savored the stunning 360-degree views from the distinctive 86th floor observatory .I would say it gives a feeling of awe-inspiring point of view of the big .Indeed ,a moment to cherished ! we tried the go city pass which saves as some bucks .

an hour ago

The 360 view of the city is majestic and best time to go is to watch sunset, building has been remodeled to look even better and staff are amazing with the guests. Worth the visit.

Susan Kelly
2 hours ago

Amazing views on the 49th floor....meomories made !!

Bjarne Neyssen
4 hours ago

La plus belle vue à 360 sur Manhattan et au delà ! Passage obligatoire lors de votre séjour

Juan Carlos Saco
5 hours ago

Increíbles vistas. Subes en el primer ascensor hasta la planta 80, y luego otro más hasta arriba del todo. Abrigate que hace frío...

Ahmed Bilal
a month ago

This was my first visit to New York, and I am glad to say this experience was beyond my expectations! I had booked tickets for 6 PM, to view the sunset from the top, but unfortunately it rained that day in the evening, and so I couldn't go. When it finally stopped raining, I took a cab around 8 PM to Empire State. When I got there, I explained to the doorman that my ticket was for 6 pm, but I couldn't come due to the rain. I was pleasantly surprised & delighted when he admitted me in with a smile - no questions asked! I got to experience breath-taking views of the night over Manhattan! It was truly awesome! And how can I forget the cool souvenir shop at the Empire State building - Don't miss it. I would definitely recommend this experience to all visitors to New York!

Jose I
a month ago

Beautiful views!! It gets pretty chilly up there so you may want to bring a sweater or jacket. We went on a September weekday, so the line was fast. There's some fun and interactive stuff to look at on the way up there.

Esteban Gaete Flores
a month ago

The intro floors with the story of the place, construction, and building is amazing. They follow it with its influence in culture and media, making you understand exactly why this tower is so important in modern times. The view at night from the top floor is amazing too, the 360 view on the 106 floor is cool too, but there is no more than a clear place for pictures and looking at the city from above.

Alessandro Benedetti
3 months ago

I recently visited the Empire State Building, and I must say it was an incredible experience. The construction is awe-inspiring, and the view from the top is simply breathtaking. What made it even better was that there was no queue, which was a pleasant surprise. I highly recommend booking in advance using the New York Pass to make the most of your visit. Overall, a fantastic attraction that deserves 5 stars!

Scott Henderson
a month ago

The interpretive displays are great at making you feel like you were there when the Empire State Building was built! You even get to see it being built in the ceiling of the elevator as you go up to the first observation floor! The views are amazing, especially from the highest observation area. Not to be missed!

Juraj Podsklan
2 months ago

If you're visiting Manhattan or New York in general to do sightseeing then this should be on your list of places to visit. It was part of our NYC pass so we used that to get our tickets, but we had to run in during the day between other attractions to get it. The website of the provider of passes did not allow us to book ahead. Luckily we were visiting on a Thursday at the beginning of September so it wasn't busy late in the evening, and there were barely a couple of dozen people at the observation deck at 10:45pm when we came. We visited other observation decks during the day, so it was nice to do this one in the dark with all the city lights surrounding us. The weather was good, no clouds, maybe a bit windy, so that's definitely something to keep in mind and plan for ahead of time, if you can, since you don't want to be stuck in cloud cover and not see anything at all. Out of the Empire State building, Top of the Rock, One World Trade Centre and the Edge, we'd definitely plan to visit this one again. Not that the others are bad, it's just that they can't really beat the original - at least not yet.

Daniel Lee
2 months ago

The Empire State Building deserves all 5 stars and more! It's an iconic symbol of NYC and an absolute must-visit. The breathtaking views from the observation deck are unparalleled, offering a mesmerizing panorama of the city that never sleeps. The historical significance adds an extra layer of fascination, and the well-organized experience ensures you make the most of your visit. The staff is friendly and helpful, making your trip even more enjoyable. Whether it's your first time in NYC or a return visit, the Empire State Building is a timeless attraction that continues to leave visitors in awe. Don't miss this quintessential New York experience! We used the new York pass for entry.

Scary how high up and no one warns you about the fancy elevator that has a display screen on the ceiling and as you go up in the elevator you see the old construction workers basically building the tower as you rise. Hard to explain but it's a visual representation of them building it as you go up and can be a bit unnerving for those with issues with heights or enclosed/open spaces. I DEFINITELY recommend getting tickets in advance as there was quite a line when we went and I expect it gets even more people as they were reinvating the building to add even more modern exhibits and stuff. I also recommend going at night as there is nothing quite like the New York City skyline at night with the billions of little twinkling lights laid out before you. It was the experience of a lifetime and I can't wait to go back

Ryan Berrisford
3 weeks ago

This is a must-see when in New York. It's probably one of the most iconic buildings in the world. We booked the option to go to the 102nd floor and it didn't disappoint. A clear sky gave us great views of the city. There is also an opportunity to learn about the history of the building at the lower floors, which I'd recommend doing.

Kuzey Candemir
3 months ago

The Empire State Building is an absolute marvel. Its iconic silhouette gracing the New York skyline is a sight to behold. The observatory provides breathtaking panoramic views that capture the city's essence. The experience is seamless, from ticketing to the elevator ride, all well-managed. The historical significance and architectural brilliance are awe-inspiring. The attentive staff ensures an informative and enjoyable visit. While peak times can lead to longer queues, the view is worth the wait. The Empire State Building stands as a testament to human achievement and innovation, deserving of a resounding five-star rating. It offers an unforgettable journey through time and a vantage point that encapsulates the heart of New York City.

a month ago

Much better than I expected. Lovely museum at the base and didn't take too long to get up to the viewing platforms. Staff very helpful and friendly. Recommended paying the little bit more for the viewing platform at the very top as fairly quiet and much more relaxed for photo opportunities.

Jozef Watson
2 months ago

Famous staple of the New York skyline is with the visit to see views of the city and learn about the history of the building. Staff were very professional, friendly and helpful. Ride to the top was very fast and had a short video play while you ascended. Great place to take kids as well. Overall highly recommended and should be added to your list of sites if it isn't already.

a month ago

We went for my girlfriends birthday. It was an amazing experience. Great view. Definitely go to the top floor. We paid for premier tickets but none of the lines were long so maybe you can save money and do regular tickets.

Carl O' Beirne
6 days ago

Great views from the observation floor. The museum area before you get up to the observation floor is very interesting and the views overlooking Central Park and downtown manhattan are incredible

Pauline Charlton
a month ago

Had a lovely evening experience. We booked a time slot for 8.30pm. Firstly, like to say how lovely all the staff was , friendly .photo opportunity as you enter with a model of Empire State Building . What a well-informed museum with plenty of photos and information on how the Empire State Building started. Made our way to the lift , WOW , what a spectacular view such a clear night , a memorable experience we will treasure. Thankyou again to all staff, including the gentlemen cleaning .

Brian Curtin
a month ago

You can't visit New York & not go to the top of the Empire State building!!! We paid for tickets to the museum & the 102nd floor viewing platform. It's bloody high & I was crapping myself. The platform is enclosed in glass but I was still afraid to go near the edge. The views are spectacular but be careful not to go on a gloomy wet day (nothing to see) or around 7pm which is really busy according to the elevator attendant. It's a must do attraction if you visit NYC. Bring plenty of dollars as we paid $92 each.

Juan Lopez Madrid
4 months ago

Iconic place to visit! The building brings and amazing city view! It is incredible how many years ago the engineer built this. It is very organized, and with very good service. My first time was 12 years ago, at that time the city did not has the others big buildings with roof view options. Now is easier visit and without long lines of people

Michael Ra
a month ago

We just had a quick visit to the hall. This was wonderful. We took some pics and got outside. I tried to take a picture of the building but, how the hell they can build such high buildings like this Nevertheless this building is one of the most emblematic. Just seeing it made me feel like : "I was in the USA"

Asher McCoul
3 weeks ago

You can't visit NYC without visiting this iconic landmark- a very special experience. The observation decks on the 86th and 102nd floor have a spectacular 360 degree view overlooking New York City, Brooklyn, and Queens. Loved the background history and museum before going up explaining how it was built as well as the informative and engaging visuals. Elevators were quick and the staff were friendly. Would recommend buying tickets in advance and also booking the time slot for convenience.

edt ttt
a month ago

One of the top attractions in the City, you can take nice pictures overlooking the. And it is one of the iconic attractions in New York City. Recommend to have your ticket early and you can always upgrade it to Level 102 observatory on the site

Lottie Kohn
a week ago

I haven't been to the ESB in decades and it was a different experience this time. Loved what they have done. We did the popular package, 86th and 102nd floors. When you get into the elevator, it first takes you to the 80th floor. The ride up was unique and fun. Throughout the self tour, there were lots of great historical pictures, videos and information. They replaced headphones with barcodes you can scan and open on your cellphone to read or see a video about the history. Never felt rushed. There were ushers throughout the walk guiding you where to go next. A really wonderful experience.

Aonika Russell
3 months ago

It's not the tallest building in New York, but it's one of the classiest buildings in New York, and also one of the most well-known buildings. We purchased our ticket to take us all the way to the top (Floor 102 I believe), and it was so worth it. Everyone seems to cheap out and go to just the 86th floor, but going all the way to the top was so nice. Less people go all the way, so it was a lot less crowded up there and the pictures were so much nicer because there wasn't anything (or any human) in the way. It was nice to enjoy the view of the city without all the additional people hanging around. Totally worth the extra cost.

Etel Martinez
3 months ago

Amazing experience! Kids friendly and great for making family memories. The staff is very kind. You can buy your tickets online or there. The view on every floor is incredible. I highly recommend the floor 102. Kids under 6 go free.

Bassant Mohamed
2 months ago

Lovely views! Yes it isn’t the tallest building around but the elevator ride, the observation deck and the King Kong staged scenes make the experience so wholesome. Also, loved that you could see several landmarks from up there! Times Square, Central Park, …

Amy Lipinski
2 months ago

This is absolutely a MUST for a trip to NYC!! It's definitely an iconic site and well worth paying for both decks. We did not take a specialty tour, just walked around ourselves to observe it's majesty, architecture, views and learn the history behind it. The only problem I had was trying to buy tickets on line. Don't. I kept getting error messages and then my card was charged and credited. I found out at ESB that it was better just to get tickets at a kiosk which is what we did with absolutely no wait time or difficulty.

The view from the top is beautiful. It's worth visiting to learn about the history of the building's construction and the films that were recorded there.

Nikki Steel
3 months ago

Need to order tickets and you have no trouble. Was a great experience went up to 102 floor. Was misty but still enjoyed. They have a photos of the different stages of building, were excellent Visit was worth every dollar.

Suzie Berndt
3 months ago

My best friend and I did the sunrise experience - while we balked at the steep price tag, we quickly discovered it was well worth it. You really feel like VIP as you enter the world-famous Empire State Building at 5am. The staff are friendly, relaxed, and helpful. My coffee and croissant were just the right morning snack while we roamed the rooftop balcony, looking out at the waking city below for a solid 2 hours. I live in NYC, and I can’t wait to do this again.

Bruce L
a month ago

Fantastic Manhattan views. This place used to be so crowded (but last time I was in NYC was 96). Now their are taller and different experiences. This building is an old icon and very worth the visit. No more lines when we went on a Wednesday afternoon.

Ibert Fleurinord
a month ago

The Empire State Building, NYC's iconic Art Deco skyscraper, offers stunning 360-degree views from its observation decks. It's a must-see for any visitor to the city. Highly recommend

Jonathan Reichel
3 weeks ago

My wife and I had an absolutely outstanding experience going to see the empire State building which has been a sort of lifelong dream of mine ever since I was 3 years old and saw the original 1933 King Kong. And boy oh boy especially related to that film connection did I ever have an absolutely outstanding experience. On par with many theme park experiences the empire State building hosts an outstanding walkthrough tour guided with multiple models and countless screens and different rooms including an interactive experience with King Kong, as well as multiple vantage point views and an upgradable experience to go to the very top viewing area. The top viewing deck we experienced about a 45 minute discussion with the gentleman with years of experience doing these tours and as a lifelong New Yorker an absolutely brilliant set of information Was that his disposal to share with us. We could have stayed for hours talking to him except for our time constraints for a flight. Definitely pay to go to the top floor and talk to the tour guide. He was practically chasing us around cuz no one apparently wants to talk to him like we did it was a magical experience that was better than anything I could have hoped for even as a little kid seeing that building. Also the gift shop is absolutely great price-wise. The price point to go to the top floor is a little steep but again totally worth it!

Doug B
a month ago

You gotta visit the most iconic building in New York. The museum that you go through before heading up is great. Lots of information on how they built it in 410 days. They have a lot of interactive things to do and keep people engaged.

Fiorino Guido
3 months ago

Visited the Empire State building. It was a great experience. The views were great, and the building was a lovely building. Definitely recommend buying ahead tickets. The outside view is very big and wraps around building, so you have 360-degree views. Would recommend as a one time visit. Just did 86th floor but was good enough.

Farida M
4 weeks ago

Iconic building in the heart of New York City. Had always wanted to visit since watching Sleepless in Seattle The view was fabulous from the 103rd floor, worth the extra you have to pay for it. Otherwise, you get to visit 80th and 86th floor with the standard ticket. Also get to see the museum on your way to the lifts to take you up. Definitely worth the time and visit.

5 months ago

An incredible art deco building. The observation deck is great. There are views from all of New York. The lines are long so it is best to buy tickets in advance. Sadly when we went, it was not so clear a day, so we had a limited view but it still was nice.

Kay Fraser
a month ago

The visit is a little pricey (but that goes for all NYC!) but I love the Empire State building, and since our last visit they've updated the experience. Fabulous

We visited it yesterday. It is a stately building very well maintained and with fantastic view- windows. We were on the 86th floor. The building is well appointed, trained, and professional staff . They have great shops for souvenirs, gifts and memorabilia. Worth every penny we spent .. Photos-copyright(C) @purnimathakerdhorajiwala Thank you

A Team Originals
3 months ago

Better to purchase the tickets online ahead of time. If you visit NYC you cannot miss this. Real American iconic building and architecture is so beautiful and night view is really amazing. Totally mesmerizing.

Juliet Martin
6 months ago

Spectacular views from every angle. It is highly recommended to visit early in the morning because the crowds and wait times for the elevators are crazy. It is a bit scary but it is always good to step out of your comfort zone. Overall, well worth the admissions costs to experience this once in a lifetime thrill. Truly incredible panoramic views of all of NYC including the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Sal Brennan
3 weeks ago

Lovely experience, definitely worth doing. Would recommend buying a city pass as this is cheaper way of seeing attractions. Beautiful views for miles if go on a clear day

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