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Empire State Building

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Jeff Wooden
34 minutes ago

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Empire State Building. We visited the 86th floor (didn't go to the highest floor) and we thought that was great. We bought tickets online for 10am and found the lines to be quite short. We breezed through all the displays and info that they have along the queue. We could choose to stop and read more or just keep walking to get to the elevators. The exhibits were really good. So, it was worth checking out along the way even though we could have kept walking. The elevator up had a really nice effect (no spoiler here) that we enjoyed. Once on the 80th floor, we took a few pictures and made our way to the second elevator to get to the 86th floor where you could go outside and had views all around the building. It was crowded, but we got more than enough time to see what we wanted. Once back on the 80th floor, we were given a choice to buy the photos they took of us upon arrival. The cheapest option was $25 for one printed photo, with an additional $5 for all the digital photos. Not bad for a souvenir. However, we misplaced our photo and digital code after leaving the building. We looked everywhere and could not find it. So, we went back and asked if they could help us recover the digital code at a minimum. We spoke with Rinata at the entrance on 34th Street. She was so helpful and worked some magic. She got us back up to the 80th floor to work with the photo people. They not only got us our code, but also reprinted the photo we lost. The people there were awesome!! We really appreciate what they did for us.

richard twist
an hour ago

Museum was very well presented. Easy tomourchase tickets. Awsome view

What an amazing building!

Jean-Marie Barsotti
2 hours ago

A voir absolument

Gary Emmert
4 hours ago

Highly recommend the tours. Beautiful views of every angle of NYC.

a month ago

Love it here. In a departure from an old movie, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's "Sleepless in Seattle" ended up together here. The top of the Empire State Building, it's just like in the movie, and I noticed the elevator doors, they're all the same. It's amazing. Love it here, it was a snowy night when we arrived, it was very cold, but it didn't matter. We also took a composite photo on it with the Empire State Building. It was fun. It's corny and funny, but happy. The staff is friendly and efficient.

Etel Martinez
3 weeks ago

Amazing experience! Kids friendly and great for making family memories. The staff is very kind. You can buy your tickets online or there. The view on every floor is incredible. I highly recommend the floor 102. Kids under 6 go free.

Aonika Russell
3 weeks ago

It's not the tallest building in New York, but it's one of the classiest buildings in New York, and also one of the most well-known buildings. We purchased our ticket to take us all the way to the top (Floor 102 I believe), and it was so worth it. Everyone seems to cheap out and go to just the 86th floor, but going all the way to the top was so nice. Less people go all the way, so it was a lot less crowded up there and the pictures were so much nicer because there wasn't anything (or any human) in the way. It was nice to enjoy the view of the city without all the additional people hanging around. Totally worth the extra cost.

Krishna Sudarshan
a month ago

The Empire State Building stands as an unwavering sentinel of New York City's skyline, a symbol of the city's indomitable spirit. Despite passing it countless times, its allure remains undiminished, a testament to its enduring charisma. Its Art Deco design, a marriage of grace and grandeur, evokes a sense of nostalgia, transporting us to a bygone era of architectural opulence. Amidst the ever-changing urban landscape, the Empire State Building stands as a timeless icon, contrasting the sleek minimalism of modern structures. Its presence serves as a reminder of the city's rich history and cultural tapestry. The building's observation deck offers a breathtaking panorama, reaffirming its status as a vital thread in the vibrant fabric of New York City, an everlasting monument to human ambition and creativity.

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