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Empire State Building4.7

Eduardo Deno
an hour ago

Beautiful place👍👍👍 the empire state building is way better than top of the rock which has 67 floors while the empire state has 102 106 floors something like that its a must that you go early cause it can get really crowded

Great experience! Ok Google. If you can't go on that particular day, go up to the machines and scan your tickets and you can change the date that you want to go, especially if it's bad weather and you can't see much change your days all done on the machines that are upstairs

Lauren Sharman
9 hours ago

My favourite place, probably in the entire world. The sunset from the empire state is one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen. I love new york anyway but seeing it lit up from above and with the sun going down over the hudson river gave me goosebumps. I will visit the empire state every single time I am back.

Colin Sloan
10 hours ago

A must do when in NY! We had a great time here, even for someone who is afraid of heights like me 😂 - it was well worth it for the experience. Like a ride at Disneyland, they have done a great job of making the first few galleries, which are essentially one long queue, into something interesting with plenty of informative displays on the history of the building.

12 hours ago

너무 멋진곳이다 하지만 86층까지만

Werner Ackermann
14 hours ago

Neben dem Crysler-Building das schönste Hochhaus in Manhattan

Amnon Shlomo
16 hours ago

Good organization, a little bit over commercial ,but is you go on a good whether it's worth it

Oscar Noguera
16 hours ago

Muy buenas experiencia, pero en realidad el precio está muy alto, ya que con esto se pueden disfrutar más miradores y ma económicos por la mitad del precio.

18 hours ago

Conseillé, visite très intéressante de ce monument chargé d'histoire

Surf In Vape
18 hours ago

Top 👌🏻

Alex Z M
19 hours ago

Simplemente espectacular. No se puede estar en NY sin subir aquí

Subhanil Saha
21 hours ago

Top of the world experience . Lots of fun

Antje Walther
22 hours ago

Beeindruckend. Die Aussicht bei Dunkelheit ist jeden Cent wert.

Fam. Martell
a day ago

Natürlich ein Muss, für das Sightseeing in NYC. Immer gut besucht, gut organisiert.

Maggie Poisson
a day ago

Amazing experience. Better than expected. Went all the way to the top. Kis has no fear

Jan Tomsa
a day ago

Velký zážitek. Mrakodrap je sám o sobě krásný, uvnitř se nachází interaltivní muzeum mnrakodrapu.

grazia trani
a day ago

Bellissima veduta,uno spettacolo!

Bello un’esperienza da fare a New York

a day ago

The Empire State Building is an iconic 102-story Art Deco skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Here are some interesting facts about it: Height: The building has a roof height of 1,250 feet (381 meters) and stands a total of 1,454 feet (443.2 meters) tall, including its antenna. Construction: It was designed by Shreve, Lamb & Harmon and built from 1930 to 1931. Historical Significance: It was the world’s tallest building until 1970 and is known for its distinctive architecture and as a symbol of New York City. Observatories: The Empire State Building features observatories on the 80th, 86th, and 102nd floors, offering breathtaking views of the city. Cultural Impact: The building has been featured in numerous films and TV shows, most notably in “King Kong” and as a central plot point in movies like "Sleepless in Seattle". If you’re planning to visit, you can expect to find newly revitalized galleries on the 2nd and 80th floors, showcasing the building’s history and its role in popular culture. It’s a must-see for anyone visiting New York City, providing a unique glimpse into the city’s architectural and cultural heritage. For more information on visiting hours and tickets, you can check the official website. Enjoy your visit to this legendary skyscraper!

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You can filter out reviews that contain specific words. You can define a comma separated list of words from reviews that must not be included


Hide textless reviews

Sometimes, reviewers only leave a rating but do not write anything. You can filter out those kinds of reviews with a simple click of a mouse button.


No GMB access needed

Every other solution needs access to the Google My Business / Google Business Profile of the target business. That’s not the case with this Google Reviews WordPress Plugin.


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We offer a 28 days, no questions asked money back guarantee. In addition to that, you can test our plugin for 14 days via a free trial.
Please keep in mind: premium features will not work any further, once your subscription is cancelled.


Yes, we offer a 28 days, no questions asked money back guarantee.  But we also offer a trial period of 14 days. For most users, this is enough time to test the plugin.

The minimum PHP version is 7.4. Your WordPress version should be at least 5.4.

You can use the embedding shortcode in every pagebuilder available at this time. We have tested it successfully with Elementor, Beaver Builder, WP Bakery Builder, Gutenberg, Classic Editor and even dynamic PHP-Templates.

You can message us at We usually respond within 24 hours.

If you need a custom design or custom functionality, reach out to us at, and we’ll discuss.

At the moment, you can only pull reviews from one distinct location. You can always switch to another location, but that means, your former reviews will be lost and only reviews from the new location will be shown.

Your reviews will still be showing. The output will still get filtered (e.g. bad reviews, 1-star-reviews etc.) but you will lose the ability to change the filters on your WordPress backend. Also, new reviews from your Google Business Profile will not be included until you buy a new license. If you do not cancel manually, there’s nothing you have to do though, because your license will renew automatically after one year and everything should be running smoothly.

Our payment provider will email you with an invoice attached. You can also log into your dashboard and change invoice data after your purchase.

  1. Install the plugin
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  5. Chose a design
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  7. Use the shortcode to display Google reviews wherever you like

Your rankings will not be directly affected by using our plugin. However, due to review texts being embedded directly into your content, this could change how search algorithms rate your content.

We have done extensive testing on this and have not seen any bad effects on Google Pagespeed scores.

You can filter out reviews under a certain rating. E.g. you can display reviews, that must be higher than a rating of 4 or even 5, if you want. You can also filter out reviews that contain specific words (word filter) and you can hide reviews without any review text.

Please read our documentation here.

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